What fruit comes from the blackthorn?

Answer The fruit is the sloe, which is a plum-like fruit used largely for the flavoring of alcoholic beverages, e.g., sloe gin.

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What fruit comes from a palm tree?

Coconuts and many varieties of dates are well-known fruits of palm trees. The range of edible products of these trees includes betel nuts, drupes (small fruits) and a large, peach-like fruit.Source... Read More »

Which fruit comes from bramble bushes?

The bramble bush, whose Latin name is Rubus fruticosus, produces blackberries. It is also commonly called the blackberry bush. The bush is found throughout England and flowers between May and Sep... Read More »

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The Blackthorn City Level takes place about three-quarters of the way into the game "Pokemon Crystal," and, being a later stage, is a bit more difficult to master. While the level itself is short,... Read More »

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