What fruit come in two?

Answer A pear

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What plant do kiwi fruit come from?

Kiwifruit comes from the kiwifruit plant. The kiwifruit plant is native to China. The plant is a woody, climbing vine. The kiwifruit plant can cover an area up to 15 feet wide, 24 feet long and 12 ... Read More »

What fruit does laetrile come from?

Laetrile is a purified form of the natural compound amygdalin, which can be extracted from the pits of some stone fruits. Peaches, black cherries, bitter almonds and apricots are the most common so... Read More »

What country does squash fruit come from?

Where did the kiwi fruit come from?

Kiwi fruit originally came from Shaanxi, China where it is known as yáng táoAfter being introduced to New Zealand were renamed as Chinese Gooseberries because people thought they tasted like goos... Read More »