What frequencies do 3G phones use?

Answer It is called an accellerometer. Electrons located in a chip with sensors in all directions on it move due to gravity. The sensors know which way the device is pointed, therefore changing position o... Read More »

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What do 3G frequencies do for cell phones?

3G provides speeds that can be almost as fast as low-level commercial broadband services;unlike GPRS and EDGE data speeds, which operate comparatively to 56k modem connections. Voice clarity is als... Read More »

What are BBC radio frequencies?

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What Are the Effects of Different Frequencies?

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of different frequencies and wavelengths of energy. These include radio, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays. T... Read More »

What are the high-definition TV frequencies?

There are several different HD-TV frequencies or resolutions including (but not limited to) 480i 720p, 768p 1080p and 1080p. The most popular resolutions, are 768p and 1080i. The "p" and "i" deno... Read More »