What four things do a plant need to grow?

Answer Plants don't need fertilizer, nor do they need soil. There are some plants that grow in water. Although nutrients would still need to be put through the water for the plants to absorb. there for pl... Read More »

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What four elements do plants need to grow?

plants need ten elements to live they are oxygen,hydrogen,carbon,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,calcium,magnesium,iron and sulphur to grow

What are the four elements plants need to grow?

Things a Plant Needs to Grow?

The plant kingdom sustains life, providing food and shelter to humans and animals alike. There are more than 270,000 species of plants throughout the world, categorized by at least four systems of ... Read More »

What Three Things Does a Plant Need to Make Food?

Green plants contain a pigment in their leaves called chlorophyll. If they did not have this pigment, they would not be able to make food. Plants use chlorophyll as a basic building block, with oth... Read More »