What fossil fuel is found in Washington?

Answer Washington state is poor in fossil fuels. Its single coal mine in the southwest part of the state was closed in November 2006. Washington state generates most of its energy through renewable resour... Read More »

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What fossil fuel is found in washington state?

Coal is the only fossil fuel found in Washington---in the southwest portion of the state, where it was mined until 2006. In 2006, Washington began importing coal from Montana and Wyoming. Washingto... Read More »

Where is fossil fuel oil found on Earth?

Fossil fuel oil is found around the world. The largest reserves of fossil fuel oil are in Saudi Arabia, which had an estimated 266.7 billion barrels of proven reserves at the end of 2009. Canada ... Read More »

What was the first dinosaur fossil found?

Found in 1819 by William Buckland in Stonsfield, England, the Megalosaurus Bucklandii is the first documented dinosaur fossil, a portion of the dinosaurs dentry, or "material including teeth and po... Read More »

What is the oldest fossil found to date?

As of 2011, the oldest fossils ever discovered are stromatolites. Groups of microbes formed these fossils in limestone and dolostone formations. The oldest known stromatolites date back around 3.5 ... Read More »