What format is the thunderbolt video player?

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What video format works on dvd player and ps3?

Boy, tough one. I had to get some help from my guru. It would appear that your standard DVD player formats are:VOB for videoBUP for ISOIFO for titles and printPS3 formats (depending on unit)... Read More »

What format video file can I play on a regular DVD player?

There's a HUGE difference in what various video formats a particular DVD player will play.So if you want to share your videos, and ensure they'll play on most players, you MUST use the DVD standard... Read More »

What Format does my video have to be on to play in a DVD player?

There are a few formats that many DVD players will work with, many today will work with MP4, WMV, and DivX. look at the dvd player and it should tell you. As a "normal DVD" you will need to convert... Read More »

What format does video need to be in to be played on a dvd player?

Hi, i think you just need a video to dvd program. Last year i bought a software called Wondershare Video to DVD Burner, it did a good job for can freely use various transition effects and cu... Read More »