What format are 3D movies in?

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In what format are DVD movies recorded?

A DVD movie can be recorded in a variety of formats. A DVD-ROM is a physical format that holds an application format such as DVD-Video. Discs formatted in this manner are non-recordable and are use... Read More »

What format does Dish Network use for movies?

It depends on the movie and receiver. The formats are either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. Our HD receivers are in MPEG-4 and the other receivers are in MPEG-2. Eventually they will all be in MPEG-4.

What format to movies have to be in to play on a DVD player?

First of all what type of format is your television? Is it 4:3 [or pan scan] or 16:9 or [widescreen], pan scan is the picture that fills the entire television, but chopping from both sides of the ... Read More »

How to Convert Movies to DVD Format?

The video format VOB is a DVD format. Movie formats such as AVI or MP4 must be converted into the VOB format if you wish to burn a movie to a DVD. Use free conversion software or a website converte... Read More »