What formal dress would suit me?

Answer First, consider your dress codes. Are there any?Based on your description, you are a petite pear-shape. I would suggest a sweetheart cut with a push-up bra underneath to balance out your chest, cre... Read More »

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How to Make a Gray Suit Look Formal?

Gray is a neutral color that goes with any skin tone. You can make a simple gray business suit fit any occasion that's not specifically black tie. Dress your own gray suit up for a formal occasion.... Read More »

How to Dress For a School with a Formal Dress Code?

So, you go to a school with a formal, 'office' dress code, but still want to be comfortable and individual? It's a tricky thing to accomplish, but get it right and both your teachers and your frien... Read More »

Can you wear a black suit instead of a tuxedo to a formal event?

On One Hand: Tuxedos Are BestWhen an event invitation calls for formal attire, a tuxedo is the best choice and generally what the party planner has in mind. Going against the grain may make you sta... Read More »

What two items are not authorized on semi-formal dress uniform that are mandatory on the service dress uniform in the Airforce?

An Under Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of service is warranted when a member engages in conduct involving one or more acts or omissions that constitute a significant departure from th... Read More »