What form is needed to give a daughter a power of attorney?

Answer In order to give your daughter power of attorney, you need to complete a power of attorney form. The form is a letter specifying how long you want the person to act as your power of attorney and w... Read More »

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Can a grandparent retain custody of their daughter's unborn baby if they have power of attorney over the daughter?

Answer No, the girl has all rights to the child and once she has the child, she can get help from the state to raise her child or put it up for adoption. A grandparent can take the girl to court an... Read More »

What form do you use for power of attorney?

A power of attorney form gives another person a legal right to act on your behalf. The type of form used to grant power of attorney depends on the area that the power of attorney is needed. For exa... Read More »

How to Execute a Power of Attorney Form?

Powers of attorney can be very useful. These legal documents allow people to grant someone else the right to make decisions on their behalf. While all states allow powers of attorney, ensuring thes... Read More »

Can a spouse give power of attorney without a wife's permission?

You do not need the permission of anyone, including a spouse, to give someone power of attorney, or POA. With a POA, you give another person the authority to make certain decisions for you only, so... Read More »