What form fill out to place a lien in Chicago?

Answer If you intend to file a lien on an association unit, you are best advised to work with your association's attorney, to verify that the association's board has indeed followed all the guidelines wri... Read More »

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Can an hoa place a lien on your house for building a pool if its in the rules that you cant If so I don't understand what kind of lien it would be All my dues are up to date?

Your detailed question describes a situation where you failed to honour the governing documents -- which you agreed in writing to honour, so the association chose filing a lien as a way to 'get you... Read More »

How do I scan a form, fill it out, then print the finished form?

Adobe Acrobat professional will make it work. Scan, then the Acrobat professional can fill with the text box. You can then complete the form and print the form out.

What stands today in the place of the first Playboy club in Chicago 116 E. Walton St. Chicago?

I did a long hard search on this for you... i cannot come up with anything but i think it is a great question... i am going to assume that this building was sold for condos and it is all resident... Read More »

Where can you obtain hoa assessment lien form-AZ?

Your association's attorney can help you find the appropriate lien form. It is key that you follow your governing documents' collection process -- detailed in a properly adopted, and filed, amendme... Read More »