What form do you use for filing a lien against a condo?

Answer The statutory real estate lien form for your state. A condo is considered real property. Read your governing documents to understand the procedure required before filing a lien. You may need to sen... Read More »

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Filing a lien for non payment of maintenance in a condo complex in NJ?

Read your governing documents where you can find the process described. It's a good idea to use the association's condominium-savvy attorney to construct and file the lien.

Can an HOA president file a lien against your condo for items he forced you to replace and the new items are against the bylaws and defective?

Your question contains data/ allegations that require evidence. Your first task is to document how the by-laws are being violated, and your second task is to document the defective nature of the 'n... Read More »

What affect will filing a lien against an HOA have on the neighborhood homeowners and their property?

Apparently the association owes a debt over which a lien has been filed. Effectively, the lien can cloud the title of all the units/ homes in the association.It is in the best interests of all the ... Read More »

How does an HOA file a lien against condo owners who have not paid HOA dues in Horry County South Carolina?

Read your governing documents to determine that you have an automatic lien on a unit based on monthly assessments.Contact a condominium-savvy attorney and with your governing documents and the unpa... Read More »