What form do you predict Rlevse sockpuppets will take?

Answer I'm thinking he'll use argyle socks. Maybe the kind with the fancy "gold toe" stitching too, so that he'll know if he's inside-out or not - a constant problem with Wikipedia admins who attempt to a... Read More »

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On Wikipedia, is it very easy to finger someone else for sockpuppets?

Is it easy to pin a robbery on someone else? You'd need to plant the stolen item in your target's house or car, plant something of the target at the crime scene, falsify security camera footage, et... Read More »


How to Predict Behavior?

So you want to predict someone’s behavior – easier said than done. But this single skill can be the most important thing you will ever learn. Every animal, every person is a system of cause and... Read More »

Can we predict typhoons?

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