What force maintains the atmosphere on earth?

Answer Gravity holds the atmosphere in place. If earth had a smaller mass, the gravitational pull would be less and the gas would float into space. Gravity pulls objects toward the center of the planet.Re... Read More »

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What does the Earth's atmosphere contain?

According to NASA, the Earth's atmosphere contains four distinct layers, each with its own temperature changes, chemical composition, density and movement. These include the troposphere, the lower ... Read More »

What is in Earth's atmosphere?

Different elements are in the atmosphere. The atmosphere has Nitrogen, Oxygen and other gases such as Argon and Carbon Dioxide. The ozone layer and the clouds can also be found in the Earth's atmos... Read More »

How far is the Earth from the atmosphere?

The distance between the surface and the top of the thermosphere, the upper limit of the atmosphere, measures about 372 miles. However, the distance to the troposphere, the densest part, measures o... Read More »

How deep is the earth's atmosphere?

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, earth's atmosphere is approximately 560 kilometers (348 miles) deep from the surface of the Earth to space. This includes all four la... Read More »