What foods you didn't like when you were a child, but like now :) ?

Answer The food I didn't like as a child I don't like now, though I do eat some:chicken (barf)saladspinachheck, there's lots of food I didn't like and still don't like.

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How to Find Foods You Like When You Have an Allergy to Certain Foods?

Do you have an allergy to a certain food? If so, your not alone. If you are lactose intolerant a.k.a. allergic to any dairy, it totally stinks! But here are some steps to help you eat what you want... Read More »

What were you like when you were ten years old?

I trusted everyone and everything. I had a box under my bed that I collected money in so I could use it to rescue a dog from the SPCA, I heard they cost $15 dollars so I tried to save that much mo... Read More »

What's 3 foods that you used to like but now you don't like or can't stand?

-Cream cheese-Not really a food, it's a drink but I used to be obsessed with Sunny D when I was younger now I just think 'Ugh what was I thinking?' Hate it now because it has loads of sugar in and ... Read More »

Can anyone name 3 foods that they like with Bread 3 foods they they like with French Fries?

Cold meat loaf sandwiches.Club sandwiches.Lunch meat sandwiches.Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.I could go on and on.French fries with a cheeseburger.With sandwiches.By themselves.