What foods would you find at a Latin American wedding?

Answer If you've been invited to a Latin American wedding recently, you look forward to the delicious spread at the reception---and you may even get some recipe ideas to take home with you.PastelitosPaste... Read More »

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List of Latin American Foods?

The diverse flavors of Latin American cuisine embody a mix of indigenous, African and European influences. Latin American cooking uses fresh foods available to each region such as fish and other se... Read More »

What is Latin American dance?

Different countries in Latin America, such as Argentina and the Dominican Republic, are home to different styles of dance. The spirit of the dances and the instruments used vary among different dan... Read More »

What is latin american music?

Latin American music is a hybrid of indigenous, Spanish and African musical styles, unique in its rhythmic structure.HistoryAccording to Piero Scaruffi's "A History of Popular Music," Latin America... Read More »

What Are Latin American Studies?

Before the Second World War, much of Western scholarship was focused upon American and European subject matter. Throughout the epoch of decolonization however, there was a significant shift in stud... Read More »