What foods will combat depression?

Answer blueberries dark chocolate salmon spinach oats brocolli pumpkin sunshine soy exercize

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How to Combat Depression Without the Use of Anti Depressants?

We have all been there. Moments of your life when you feel low and depressed. Whether it's a death of a close relative, a friend or even a pet. Whether you've just lost all your money in the stock ... Read More »

Are There Any Foods that Can Help Depression?

Depression affects millions of Americans, with symptoms that include loss of appetitive, unhappiness, fatigue and feelings of despair. While doctors may prescribe medicines to treat these symptoms,... Read More »

What foods were rationed during the Depression?

During World War II, over a third of products available to civilians were rationed. Among the foods that were rationed were dairy products, sugar, coffee, ketchup and meat.Dairy ProductsFrom March ... Read More »

My friend has been diagnosed with high cholesterol after suffering a small stroke.What foods will combat this?

Basically, low fat, low cholesterol and low sodium (salt) foods are best. Primarily that means vegetables and fruits and fruits and vegetables. Most doctors recommend 8-12 servings of these every d... Read More »