What foods were rationed during the Depression?

Answer During World War II, over a third of products available to civilians were rationed. Among the foods that were rationed were dairy products, sugar, coffee, ketchup and meat.Dairy ProductsFrom March ... Read More »

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Back in the 70s how was gas rationed Were there certain days that people could get gas and days they couldn't?

When they has the "gas Crunch" as we called it back then yes it was rationed. I was in CA. at that point in time and they rationed it by plate numbers on your car. So if your license plate ended in... Read More »

What foods will combat depression?

blueberries dark chocolate salmon spinach oats brocolli pumpkin sunshine soy exercize

What did CCC stand for during the Depression?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed the Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC, in 1933 as part of the New Deal. The CCC provided vocational training for the unemployed during the Depression an... Read More »

What was scarce during the depression?

The Great Depression was a time of significant economic distress in the United States and many other areas of the world. Lasting from 1929 until 1939, the Depression caused many necessities to beco... Read More »