Are there any foods or drinks I should stay away from?

Answer For generally trying to retain anything you wish to remember somewhere down the line you can do memory lessons such as studying with a friend, or if you have a recording device you can record yours... Read More »

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What are the best foods to juice to stay healthy?

If you use an assortment of different colors you will get a wider range of vitamins and nutrients. I always use a base of a few handfuls of spinach and a couple of big kale leaves then I add in oth... Read More »

My dad collected everything. One of those things was dried foods,how long can we expect them to stay good.?

Expiry date. Though some low risk foods will last pretty much indefinitely. But beware of canned goods, due to risk of botulism.

Why does eating "junk food" and processed foods and "Fatty foods" make one feel apathetic over time?

Hi. Well the main reason to eat food is to gain nutrients. It takes great bodily energy to digest and move food through the body, if the food fails to nourish as it passes through, then cells canno... Read More »

Fresh Foods Compared to Frozen Foods?

When you run by the grocery store for a weeknight meal, chances are you'll grab a prepared frozen meal or at least frozen produce at some point. Frozen fruits and vegetables tend to cost less than ... Read More »