What foods should I eat to achieve the most offensive body oder?

Answer Onions, garlic, limburger cheese and kimchee. At the same time. Washed down with haymaker's switchel. A stench like that will keep everyone (and everything) away for a very long time. Possibly for... Read More »

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Will holding corndogs in my armpits get rid of the persistant body oder?

What foods cause offensive smelling gas?

an entire wicker swing set, wonderful for the digestion though, good fiber

How do you tell a co-worker that their body odor is offensive Especially if you do not want to hurt them?

That is a difficult one... A friend of mine just came right out and told me. I was offended and did not talk to him any after that. I was wrong of course and should have appreciated it.(note: the p... Read More »

Can anyone give me an idea on how to cure an offensive body odour?

Besides the obvious of cleaning yourself (shower/soap) and using deorderant, it could be very well attributed to your diet. I would speak to nutritionist or even a homepath about the problem.