Daughter is home from school today with diarrhea. What are good foods to feed her?

Answer YOU ARE AN AWFUL FATHER!!!!Letting her watch such garbage.

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Please help with my diarrhea problem?

Stop eating anything with milk, or sugar. Just eat plain rice with lots of lemon for a day and you shall be fine. If it persists go see a doctor. And drink lots of water, diarrhea can lead to dehyd... Read More »

Foods I can eat if I have fever and diarrhea..?

..take some amodium it sure worked for me,,its a must have when travelling afar

Foods Causing Diarrhea in Cats?

Feline diarrhea is a condition causing loose or watery stools in cats. Feline diarrhea may be the result of medical conditions or illnesses, a reaction to medication or even food that the cat has i... Read More »

What type of foods are good to help with constipation?

Prunes are good but a good stiff dose of Castor oil should do the trick.Coach