Foods I can eat if I have fever and diarrhea..?

Answer ..take some amodium it sure worked for me,,its a must have when travelling afar

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Can not eating solid foods cause diarrhea?

yes it can. if you are drinking more water and not enough solid food it will cause diarrhea.

Foods Causing Diarrhea in Cats?

Feline diarrhea is a condition causing loose or watery stools in cats. Feline diarrhea may be the result of medical conditions or illnesses, a reaction to medication or even food that the cat has i... Read More »

After you eat food, are there any other foods you can eat to avoid diarrhea?

No there isn't just have a normal breakfastChetak

How long after having diarrhea can I start eating normal foods again?

If you have had diarrhea for ten days you should visit a physician asap. Your body must surely be dehydrated and malnourished, and will need IV electrolyte replacement therapy. It isnt a factor of ... Read More »