What foods have negative calories like celery and strawberries?

Answer You mean 0 calorie foods. Pickles (although high in sodium), cucumbers & celery. Cut up some cukes n' sprinkle a lil' sea salt or maybe some lite ranch dressing as a special treat. I believe apples... Read More »

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What are some foods that have little or no calories?

Everything has calories. Little calories: fruit, vegetables.

How to Find Foods You Like When You Have an Allergy to Certain Foods?

Do you have an allergy to a certain food? If so, your not alone. If you are lactose intolerant a.k.a. allergic to any dairy, it totally stinks! But here are some steps to help you eat what you want... Read More »

How many calories in dried strawberries?

This is a test whereby a fat fold (typically the triceps area of the upper arm, in addtion to abdominal areas) is measured by skin calipers in order to estimate percent body fat.

What foods can you eat if you have a spacer like can you eat Mcodonalds or panda experss?

When I got my spacers all I ate was quavers , spaghetti and potato