What foods have yeast in them?

Answer AnswerMainly breads, buns, cakes, cookies, pizza, but you'll have to read your labels because there is yeast in many tinned or processed foods. I was on a yeast diet and it was tough to find things... Read More »

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What Foods Have Lupine in Them?

Lupine is a high-protein grain legume that was probably first cultivated 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean area, according to Purdue University's Alternative Field Crops manual. Lupine, also spe... Read More »

What foods have caffeine in them besides tea and chocolate?

Bottled beverages (12 oz)Red bull 115.5Jolt 72Mountain Dew 55Diet Coke 45Dr. Pepper 41Coca Cola ClassicCoffee (8 oz)Brewed 80–135Instant 65–100Decaf brew 3–4Tea (8 oz)Iced 47Brewed 40–60Ins... Read More »

Which foods have a lot of potassium in them?

Hi!My Wife had Potassium deficiency when in Hospital earlier this year, and this page is saved in "My Favourites"…Example:Food Item Potassium Level (in mg)... Read More »

Why do so many foods have corn syrup in them?

As many have already said it is cheap and easy for the manufacturers and therefore leads to a higher profit margin for them; and as we know, when it comes to business in America it's all about the ... Read More »