What foods have dietary fiber ?

Answer Whole-grain foods (such as bran cereals) and breads (those made with whole wheat grains).Fresh fruits (including the skin and pulp).Dried or stewed fruits (such as prunes, raisins, or apricots).Roo... Read More »

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What foods are high in dietary fiber?

The main sources of non-starch polysaccharides or dietary fibre are found in cell walls of plants. Fresh fruits (especially apples, pineapples, grapes, and oranges), certain dried fruits (like dri... Read More »

How much dietary fiber in grilled shrimp?

What type of nutrient is dietary fiber?

Fiber is non-digestible by humans. It would not qualify as a nutrient because it provides no nutrition. It serves as a filler and as a (mechanical) stimulant to the digestive system.

Foods That Provide Dietary Iron?

Iron is a mineral found in the cells of your body. Iron is an "essential" mineral because your body needs it for your blood cells to perform properly. Some people experience iron deficiencies in th... Read More »