What foods have a lot of carbs?

Answer There is a great chart here that doesn't copy and paste very well, but it would be worth printing out for a quick referenceIllustration of Carbohydrates in Foods Read More »

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What are foods that have zero carbs?

Most meat & vegetables (excluding starchy vegetables) have no carbohydrates.Also, cheese has no carbs, haha.We all need carbs sometimes, so if you are insulin-dependent, you should be able to adjus... Read More »

What foods are high in carbs?…1,000 cals. at 90% fat = weight loss of 0.9 lbs. per day1,000 cals. at 90% protein = weight loss of 0.6 lbs. per day1,000 cals. at 90% carbohydrate = weig... Read More »

Good Carbs & Foods for a Prediabetic?

Type 2 diabetes does not occur overnight. It sneaks up on a person before it strikes. Health care professionals refer to the diabetes precursor as prediabetes. Once diagnosed with prediabetes, the ... Read More »

Foods with high carbs?

HiThat sounds quite healthy If you exercise your burning off the carbs don't worry this is a healthy meal plan the only thing I would change is the rice for a baked potato as they are a great diet ... Read More »