What foods from Spain derive from Arabic, Jewish and Berber culture?

Answer OK. The use of olive oil which is the foundation of Spanish cuisine, comes from the Greeks who you didn't ask about. It is possible that Marzapan and turrón also come from Greece although their o... Read More »

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Arabic Culture & Etiquette?

Arabic countries are defined as those in which Arabic is the primary language. They cover the Middle East and Northern Africa; their predominate, but not only, religion is Islam. Arabic countries c... Read More »

Culture & Arts in Spain?

Spain has a long cultural and artistic tradition. While arts such as flamenco and bullfighting are associated with the country, Spain has also made its mark in the areas of painting, architecture a... Read More »

Facts on the Culture of Spain?

Spain is a country that is rich in cultural diversity stemming from its many different inhabitants over thousands of years. It is the second largest country in Europe, with France being the first. ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Hussein in the Arabic culture?

The boy’s name Hussein is a pet name for the Arabic name Hasan, meaning “good,” “beautiful” or “beautifier.” The name is common in Islamic culture, where Hassan and Hussein are often ... Read More »