What foods do you think go well with coffee?

Answer Chocolate, cream and vanilla, especially in the form of a cake. I think coffee goes down well after a rich meal that has been cooked with rather a lot of wine, butter or cream, or one of the tasty... Read More »

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What Foods Go Well With Pineapple?

The sweet and sour taste of pineapple makes a refreshing treat on its own. Still, many cooks enjoy combining this tropical fruit with other foods. From melons and berries in fruit salads to ham and... Read More »

Would coffee coloured walls go well with grey flooring?

Coffee without milk or cream-Yes. Otherwise-No.

Do symptoms of pregnancy include nausea and vomiting and pre-cramps with flutters as well as a distaste of foods?

Answer They very well could be, but you'll have to wait until after you miss your period to take a test.

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