What foods do you think go well with coffee?

Answer Chocolate, cream and vanilla, especially in the form of a cake. I think coffee goes down well after a rich meal that has been cooked with rather a lot of wine, butter or cream, or one of the tasty... Read More »

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What use is coffee Why do we set aside land to grow it, instead of edible foods?

We have plenty of edible foods. Coffee can be grown on hills in the mountains where most vegetables can't grow anyway.Life is for more than just living, unless you are a communist. Coffee is consi... Read More »

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Starbucks Coffee Or McDonald's Coffee Which do you like better?

Out of the three, Dunkin Donuts makes the most regular tasting coffee which is better than the watered down coffee you get at starbucks and the artificially flavored coffee at Mcdonalds.

Can we make milk coffee in coffee maker or only black coffee?

Hello joyous,Normally,the milk is heated to boiling temperatures inside the coffee maker. This will cause many problems-the milk could coagulate and clog the coffee maker. Also, the milk residue wi... Read More »

How to make coffee without coffee machine or coffee grind?

If you mean whole coffee beans then do this:Pound the roasted beans into a fine powder, or as fine as you can get them. Boil water.Put two tablespoons of the pulverized coffee into a coffee filter ... Read More »