What foods do i need to prepare an American Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer Those answers are good though I've never seen bacon. You can't forget the desserts!! Cranberry sauce (canned is fine), pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.Wondering where you are from...

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How to Prepare a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner?

A vegan does not eat any animal products, including any type of meat, eggs, and dairy. Many vegans also choose to avoid eating honey because it comes from bees. While turkey may be the star of Than... Read More »

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Sides?

Side dish possibilities at the Thanksgiving dinner table are endless. Most dinners contain between three and 10 side dishes, depending on the number of guests. The side dish combination should incl... Read More »

How to Make a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving without the turkey? How could it be? The fact is a meat-free Thanksgiving can be a delicious alternative to the stuffed bird and giblet gravy.