What foods do i need to prepare an American Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer Those answers are good though I've never seen bacon. You can't forget the desserts!! Cranberry sauce (canned is fine), pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.Wondering where you are from...

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How to Prepare a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner?

A vegan does not eat any animal products, including any type of meat, eggs, and dairy. Many vegans also choose to avoid eating honey because it comes from bees. While turkey may be the star of Than... Read More »

What is your favorite kind of food for thanksgiving dinner?

What is the best way of catering for a big family dinner such as Christmas or Thanksgiving?

It is better for everyone to bring something with them.But that also depends on just how many will be there.I have cooked a traditional Christmas dinner for around 25 people without help,but everyo... Read More »

Vegetarians. What foods will you be cooking or eating for Thanksgiving?

Green Beans CasseroleCorn and cooked CarrotsRice Broccoli and Creamy Cheese sauceSweet Potato Bakeand don't forget the Mashed Potatoes!!!