What kind of foods are gluten found in?

Answer According to, gluten is a protein made up of two protein groups known as gliadins and glutenins. It's found in a number of grains, as well as in products made from those grains.Naturall... Read More »

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What are some gluten free foods and drinks?

Basically, most whole foods that are not wheat are gluten free: Meats, fruits, veggies, and other non-processed foods. Many processed foods add gluten, so a large number of these foods are not sa... Read More »

Can semen contain gluten?

The most reasonable answer I have received to this question is as follows:Gluten is a protein that is fairly substantial in size. It is far tolarge to pass across the intestinal membrane, and if it... Read More »

Does corn contain gluten?

People affected with celiac disease cannot eat gluten, which is found in many foods. While corn contains protein, it does not cause problems to those with celiac disease, as the proteins it contain... Read More »

Does maltodextrose contain gluten?

In the US they are usually made from corn. In some countries, they are made from rice. In MOST countries, they are made from wheat. It is best to check with the manufacturer.