What foods cause offensive smelling gas?

Answer an entire wicker swing set, wonderful for the digestion though, good fiber

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What foods should I eat to achieve the most offensive body oder?

Onions, garlic, limburger cheese and kimchee. At the same time. Washed down with haymaker's switchel. A stench like that will keep everyone (and everything) away for a very long time. Possibly for... Read More »

How could this be offensive?

Sorry, but it wasn't removed for being offensive. It was removed for copyright infringement. Any video that has been professionally produced probably has a copyright and the sesame street ones we... Read More »

How to Tell Someone That Something They Said Offended You Without Being Offensive Yourself?

It's inevitable: You will one day be in a social or business situation, and someone in the group will make a comment that will simply rub you the wrong way. Hard. It could be intentional or uninten... Read More »

Do you notice anything... offensive in this ?

seems to me like they mostly got blemishes and/or larger noses, so it would be offensive to people who have larger noses or acne~cathy