What foods cause offensive smelling gas?

Answer an entire wicker swing set, wonderful for the digestion though, good fiber

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What foods should I eat to achieve the most offensive body oder?

Onions, garlic, limburger cheese and kimchee. At the same time. Washed down with haymaker's switchel. A stench like that will keep everyone (and everything) away for a very long time. Possibly for... Read More »

Can smelling smoke cause body aches and fatigue?

Answer I developed this reaction after a prescription for asthma which I had a bad reaction to. Now whenever I am around smoke I become fatugued and feel sick for sometimes days. I strongly believe... Read More »

What foods cause acne?

food doesn't cause acne, hormonal imbalances do. and the only way food can cause acne is if you rub it on your facee.

What Foods cause Stained Yellow Teeth?

The most common sources of stains from foods are:- tea, coffee, cola products and red winenon-food stain results from, but the list is not limited to: tobacco, plaque, tartar (especially OLD plaqu... Read More »