What foods can Vegans eat that is not plant based?

Answer Fungi- yeast, mushrooms, polypores, truffles, perhaps mould as well? Or that might be only for omnivores...Algae- seaweed, noriBacteria- Acidophilus etc in yoghurt

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If human were not meant to eat meat and diary products, then why do plant based foods lack vitamin b-12?

Why would you believe anyone who tells you humans aren't meant to eat meat? We are omnivores, and while maybe we shouldn't eat as much meat as we do, that's not to say that we shouldn't eat any at ... Read More »

What are nice foods that vegans eat?

Hmmm, there are lots of nice foods. I love tofu, tempeh, and seitan. I love mushrooms and onions. I admit I am a junk food junkie. A lot of foods can be veganized. You are limited mostly by yo... Read More »

Vegetarians & Vegans: Do you miss the taste of any foods?

Although it made me nauseated and sick a lot I sometimes miss cheese all kinds except cottage. I also sometimes miss chez-its, snickers and other junk foods like that. Anything else I might *miss* ... Read More »

Why do vegans either get annoyed by meat-eaters or feel like they have to push their plant-eating?

Because they have found something they are passionate about. I love meat. I'm passionate about it. When I find a new BBQ place or a steakhouse I like, I tell others so they can find the same meaty ... Read More »