The Foods Most Likely to Cause Hot Spots in Dogs?

Answer Hot spots are patches of the dog's skin where the fur may fall off, the skin may be scaly and irritated and the entire spot will be warm to the touch. The hot spots are often a sign of an allergy t... Read More »

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What real foods can dogs eat?

Dogs were domesticated tens of thousands of years ago and, until recently, ate only "real" or people food. The first commercial dog food, dog biscuits, was made in England in 1860, according to the... Read More »

A List of Toxic Foods for Dogs?

Some foods and beverages that are edible and safe for people and other animal species may be hazardous or deadly for dogs. Some foods contain toxins that may cause mild digestive upsets, whereas, o... Read More »

What human foods can hurt dogs?

Dogs can get sick and even die if they eat some foods that are perfectly safe for human consumption. In addition to keeping dogs away from where you keep these foods, it is important to refrain fro... Read More »

List of People Foods That Are Bad for Dogs?

While dogs are considered "man's best friend," they cannot partake in the same foods as humans. Dogs have a much smaller and less complex digestive system, making them susceptible to illnesses if t... Read More »