What foods and drinks do you think I should try, when I visit your country :) ?

Answer I'm from Persia/Iran...Try...-Ghormeh Sabzi with rice (its my fave... its veggie stew with chunks of meat and beans)-Zereshk rice with chicken (I personally don't like it... but I know ppl love it.... Read More »

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Which foods and drinks would you recommend, if I'd visit your country?

doggone american food is so... AMERICANIZED (go figure!)______________________________________…if you were to visit my PART of the usa, i'd make sure you had...~walleye dinner, fresh fish right f... Read More »

What kind of foods/drinks should you avoid while on adderall?

Since a lot of people lose their appetite on speed, filling up on whatever pleases you is probably a good idea.

Ready for rating more foods/drinks From a grade of 0-10 how do you rate the following Foods/Drinks from ->?

1) 102) 53) 104) 10+5) 86) 87) 08)109) 1010) 7

Anyone up for rating Foods & Drinks On a rating of 1-10 how do you rate these Foods/Drinks from this list?

Never had prune juice.Chicken burrito9/10Gumdrops2/10Roast beef7/10Silver dollar pancakes10/10Pomegranate9/10Scallops0/10Cauliflour7/10Fresh garlic5/10Pina Colada8/10