What food/drink will make me SUPER HYPER?

Answer Red bull - speeds up your heart rate.People usually combine it with vodka, which is actually very dangerous because alcohol is a depressant and red bull is a stimulant so they work against each oth... Read More »

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What will give you a lot of energy, or make you super hyper?

Is it normal to get super hyper from caffeine?

Of course that isn't normal!!! It's not like people drink caffeinated beverages to stay awake. What an absurd idea.

How to Make a Hyper Cat Sit?

descriptionIf you want your super hyper cat to sit still, here are some ideas.

What diseases make you hyper?

I don't believe any disease makes a person hyper, if anything a person is more sluggish because they're fighting an infection. However there are a few social disorders that make people hyper such a... Read More »