What food/drink are you addicted to?

Answer HiI love pizza,mc Donald's fries,cookies,jaffa cakes the list is endless.Have a nice day :-)

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So um, i'm addicted.............?

Yes I'm the same way! Both my parents are pilots and I have been at the airport alot in my life. I can even beat them getting through the security line at the airport. Maybe you should become a pilot.

Why am i addicted to Tea?

The only thing you could be physically addicted to is the caffeine, but since you can drink any kind of tea at all (including those with very little caffeine in them), I don't think that's the case... Read More »

Please help I think i'm addicted......?

Congratulations you have just contracted "Yahoodelers disease"

How to Not Get Addicted to Something?

Ever get addicted to a game, habit, or whatever, and you want to stop it? This is the guide on how to stop it before it happens.