What food was the most difficult for you to eat in your opinion?

Answer Cooked cabbage, I can't seem to get past the smell.

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Coconut Pineapple Or Pomegranate Which in your opinion is the most difficult to eat?

FRUIT PREPARATION ANALYSIS:Coconut--- Need a damn hammer to crack open.... watch you don't spill the milk!Pineapple --- Fairly easy, just cut the top off, the bottom off, and continue cutting the r... Read More »

In your opinion what country has the most tasty food?

Food is an individual choice, yes I like a Balti or Bhuna but could not eat it all the time, same as Chinese. Mexican is good for a one off meal, Steak is yummy but very filling and naughty, Italia... Read More »

What is the hardest food to eat in your opinion?

Certain kinds of pasta... if you forget to get something simple when you are out at a nice restaraunt and you get pasta instead it takes forever to eat because you dont want to be a pig and eat ove... Read More »

What is Your opinion on ready made Food?