What food thats not meat contains the most protein per size?

Answer eggs

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How do i get protein without meat ?

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How can i get protein without eating meat?

Here are some foods:Cottage cheese (if you like it) is relatively high in protein. Soy bean foods, such as tofu, soy "burgers", soy "sausages", soy "ground beef", soy "chicken strips". Each of the... Read More »

Do humans need meat protein to be healthy?

Humans need protein to be healthy... it doesn't have to be an animal source of protein. There are so many readily available plant based protein sources, I see absolutely no need to resort to animal... Read More »

Sources of Meat-Free Protein?

Protein is an integral part of your diet. According to, protein is needed "to grow muscles, hair, nails, skin and internal organs." The USDA reports that the recommended daily ... Read More »