What food tastes best?

Answer I love Indian food, especially the tandoori chicken, and butter chicken. I also love the way they cook basmati rice, with the peas, and cumin, it is really good. I also love Greek food, the souvl... Read More »

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How to Tell Somebody That Their Food Tastes Bad?

In the course of human events sometimes it is necessary to criticise somebody's horrible food. Naturally, this is hard to to do!

Weird tastes in food.?

It is normal layoff for a month or so and you might like it again and you just had too much and your body is altering the flavor to make you not like or overdose

Is it possible to influence whether a food tastes good to you?

I like the crunchiness and the juiciness...its' the stringiness I can't stand (they get stuck in my teeth and throat).

Has anyone noticed that Coca-Cola from McDonalds tastes quite differently than other fast food joints Cokes?

McDonalds use a high end water filtration system, it consists of carbon filters and then water is put through a reverse osmosis system. The way the coke and soda water are chilled is different als... Read More »