What food sounds delicious when you are drunk?

Answer canadian geese.honk,honk,honk

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When you're drunk do you forget everything from the night or only what happened when you were drunk?

It is not the same for each person but most people remember the entire night. I remember everything and is why i know i am a great drinker.

Is food better when you are drunk?

You can't go wrong with beer and pizza but not so sure about chips and wine. Wine is known to be had with nice meals like steak, pork, fish etc. depending on whether the wine is red or white. Kudos... Read More »

What is the most delicious food made for Jewish celebrations?

1 - Hamantashen2 - Cholent3 - Potato latkas4 - Lokshin kugel5 - Kneidlach in chicken soup

What is the most delicious food that can be prepared at home?

For me it would be a nice piece of fish cooked just right, served with mashed potatoes, steamed leeks and green peas, and a creamy parsley sauce..Dune