What food raises HDL?

Answer HDL, short for high-density lipoproteins, is the "good" kind of cholesterol. High HDL levels are desirable because HDL helps remove excess LDL, the "bad" kind of cholesterol. Certain foods can cont... Read More »

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What food raises the hdl?

The higher the better when it comes to your level of HDL, or high density lipoprotein. However, experts disagree on which specific foods increase HDL, according to HelpsHDL carries c... Read More »

What type of exercise raises HDL?

HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is "good" cholesterol. According to "Controlling Cholesterol" (see References), 40- to 59-year-old men have "excellent protection" from heart disease whe... Read More »

What Raises Uric Acid Levels?

High uric acid levels, also called hyperuricemia, may not cause any problems. However, for some, elevated uric acid can lead to painful gout attacks, kidney stones and even kidney failure.

What raises diastolic blood pressure?

Blood pressure is measured with two different readings know as systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. The diastolic measurement is the amount of pressure in blood vessels when the heart is relax... Read More »