What food ppl depend on most?

Answer Rice, wheat, and corn(We stupidly use corn to feed livestock instead of letting them graze, which is one major reason for the inflation of meat costs...if corn goes up like it is this year, everyth... Read More »

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Do you depend on food supplements, vitamins or herbal remedies?

You seem to be suggesting that reports to the effect that natural supplements such as vitamins may be bad for your health are a fabrication and distortion for the benefit of pharmaceutical compani... Read More »

Do we depend too much on technology?

yes we do depend too much on technology. as civilization advances we depend more and more upon out inventions and creations. we could live without them but not all of us. without the advances that ... Read More »

What does the brightness of a star depend on?

The brightness of a star depends upon how much energy it is emitting and how far away it is. The amount of energy a star emits depends upon its size and what stage of the life cycle it is in.Refere... Read More »

What Ecosystems Depend on Gorillas?

Gorillas are the second closest relatives to humans after the chimpanzee. These giant second cousins live in mountainous and lowland regions of forests in Africa. Gorillas are crucial to the struct... Read More »