What food ppl depend on most?

Answer Rice, wheat, and corn(We stupidly use corn to feed livestock instead of letting them graze, which is one major reason for the inflation of meat costs...if corn goes up like it is this year, everyth... Read More »

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Do you depend on food supplements, vitamins or herbal remedies?

You seem to be suggesting that reports to the effect that natural supplements such as vitamins may be bad for your health are a fabrication and distortion for the benefit of pharmaceutical compani... Read More »

What 1 food do u eat the most often... an yes i said food not drink...?

Simple/random food question What food you had for Breakfast that most people wouldn't think of having ->?

Hi (((Scooter))) :) That's not too bad for breakfast, lol.Once I had pepperoni for breakfast. Let me think . . . . *tapping on my laptop* . . .I have had an eggroll for breakfast before. That was p... Read More »

Is Italian food (pasta, etc...) the most comforting, enjoyable food there is.?

pasta is my go-to comfort food, it comes in many forms and you make taste like however you want.Italian food in general is awesome and delicious and simple, but pasta in particular rocks.