What food items that would trigger anthritis?

Answer For the chinese, its distilled vinegar. Not lemon, tamarind, lime juices. Its distilled vinegar.

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Can food trigger a cold sore?

On One Hand: Caused By A VirusThe herpes simplex virus is what causes cold sores, which are blisters on or around the mouth and face, according to People often confuse cold so... Read More »

Are thumb trigger or finger trigger archery releases better?

On One Hand: Thumb Releases are SteadierA thumb release is the most common kind and always offers a steady release, while a finger release is much more touchy. If a shooter using a finger release g... Read More »

If the trigger input port of a high speed camera is already showing 3.0 v DC then to trigger the camera how much TTL or CMOS voltage is to be applied externally?

Answer This is an educated guess, but if 3 volts is present, it is very possible that what gets applied to the trigger port is a ground rather than voltage (basically just connecting the pins toge... Read More »

What is one thing you will not eat ( and I do mean food items:) )?

mushrooms & fish, the smell of seafood makes me hurl. seriously