Can i eat spicy food when i'm pregnant?

Answer Yeah, you can eat whatever you want....whether it will stay down is another story!

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Can you be pregnant if you are hungry but are sick of food?

Answer I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am hungry all the time but revolted by the thought of most foods. A strange set of circumstances that combine to form misery. Even when I do eat, I can't stand ... Read More »

How do you know whether you are vomiting due to food poisining or because you are pregnant?

Answer Food poisoning sets in anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after eating. It also makes you so violently sick that sometimes you cannot make it out of the bed. Morning sickness or pr... Read More »

How does raw food harm a pregnant women?

Raw food is much more susceptible to bacteria which can result in a life threatening virus to the fetus. When you cook the food, it cooks out the bacteria. For example, when you cook with wine, the... Read More »

Ive been craving food that ive never craved before does that mean im pregnant?