What food is actually AMERICAN?

Answer tomatoes are native, as well as cranberries and corn, just to mention a few! Of course the native Americans had quite a few dishes, one that comes to mind is pemmican

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What is actually paleo food Is it Hygienic and healthy?

Paleo dietary is not the exact prehistoric meal (we do not eat dinosaurs anymore). It is just a dietary that processed in such a manner that don't use industrial ingredients, it just uses fresh nu... Read More »

What is actually paleo food IS it hygienic healthy?

it{s the most natural and healthy food you can eat, it´s what or ancestors used to eat

What does the expiration date on food products actually mean ?

It all depends on the food itself, perishables are disposed of, but most of the dates are guideline to sell by or remove from sale, hear in Canada I would say most of the time it is safe to eat mos... Read More »

Whats better American food or Chinese food?