What food is Italy famous for?

Answer The foods for which Italy is famous include pasta, tomato sauces and pizza, though in Italy itself the food preferences vary by region. Though a peasant food in Italy, pizza is perhaps the most fam... Read More »

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Many places are famous for doing a particular food very well. How about your area What is your famous food?

New England offers a wide variety of food depending on what area you're in. New England is famous for clambakes and seafood dishes. In Boston, there's Chef Jasper White's Seafood Shacks which offer... Read More »

Giacomo della Porta was the architect of what famous church in Vatican City Italy?

Famous Delicacies of Rome, Italy?

Counted among the great capital cities of Europe, Rome is the largest and most populous metropolitan area in Italy, as well as one of the most prominent culinary destinations on the continent. Desp... Read More »

What kind of food is Italy known for?

Italy has a rich and diverse cuisine that varies greatly according to region, but the country is best known for its pasta. Northern Italy is famous for risotto and fresh pasta, while southern Italy... Read More »