What food in your area do you think will appear strange to the world?


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Many places are famous for doing a particular food very well. How about your area What is your famous food?

New England offers a wide variety of food depending on what area you're in. New England is famous for clambakes and seafood dishes. In Boston, there's Chef Jasper White's Seafood Shacks which offer... Read More »

Have you ever invented your own strange recipe Like a "food experiment"?

I grew up poor, so one of my favorite snacks was mustard, and mayo sandwiches.but as I got older, and married with children. my wife worked the evening shift at the hospital, and I had to cook for ... Read More »

What food is your area famous for?

It all depends what part of our wonderful and vast country you're in.New England: seafoodMiddle Atlantic states: New York [New York City and its surrounding areas]: The cuisines are as varied ... Read More »

If you die before you brush your teeth, will a strange smell emit from your mouth?

When your body goes to the morgue, they sew your jaw shut through your nose to the bottom of your mouth so it will stay closed without the stitches being seen. Otherwise your mouth will hang open a... Read More »