What food in your area do you think will appear strange to the world?


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Strange taste coming from wisdom teeth area?

Yes, it is just old blood. Blood tastes and smells horrible after wisdom tooth removal. Continue with the salt water rinse, and remember not to swish because swishing will dislodge the clots from... Read More »

Strange food combinations Share yours!!?

I LOVE raspberry jam on hamburgers.the bit of sweetness really adds a nice flavoursome people think that Poutine is strangefrench fries, cheese curd, gravy YUM

Have you ever invented your own strange recipe Like a "food experiment"?

I grew up poor, so one of my favorite snacks was mustard, and mayo sandwiches.but as I got older, and married with children. my wife worked the evening shift at the hospital, and I had to cook for ... Read More »

Why is it that everywhere else in the world, food is yummy and healthy, whereas in the western world?

I think you are wrong as I see we have come to spurn our local foods and the traditional wat they are made as everyone seems to want to spice it up.Yes some asian foods do have some wonderful tast... Read More »