What food have you recently had again after not having it for a long time?

Answer I had pizza for the first time in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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If someone served you food in bed, would you complain no salt added time after time again. what do I do?

There is a difference between complaing and politely offering suggestions to make breakfast in bed even better next time. Just ask if they might possibly serve you with a salt shaker, too, next time.

How long does it take to become a virgin again after having sex?

Except for the few who were nice to you, the rest are acting like complete ***holes. The truth is, once you lose your virginity, you cant ever 'regain' it. Virgin is simply the term used to descr... Read More »

How long after having diarrhea can I start eating normal foods again?

If you have had diarrhea for ten days you should visit a physician asap. Your body must surely be dehydrated and malnourished, and will need IV electrolyte replacement therapy. It isnt a factor of ... Read More »

I recently did a scan and apparently have had several trojans on my pc, some have been there for a long time?

If you have trojans you need to get rid of them. Just because they do not seem to be doing any damage or creating problems doesn't mean to say you do nothing about them. Its rather like not going t... Read More »