What food have you eaten so far today?

Answer Chicken nuggets, fries, fruit roll ups and leftover pizza. How's that for a healthy diet? Oh yeah, and a Hershey bar.

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Have I eaten too much or too little today?

You eat mostly carbs... you should really try to eat a more balanced diet... if you want to know how many calories you should eat per day, it's all based on your age and weight, to increase your a... Read More »

Have I over-eaten today so far?

Hope your taking vitamins, your diet is lacking. you need more

Have I eaten well today?

To be honest, thats extremely good. Try drinking 2 more glasses a day and do them before each meal you have, as it tricks your brain into thinking you are fuller. Sundried tomatoes are good for you... Read More »

So far, what have you eaten today?

Earilier I made some cinnamon rolls with lots of the frosting and lots of cinnamon stuff inside and ate one then and am about to eat another right now with a cup of hot coffee mixed with chocolate ... Read More »