What food thats not meat contains the most protein per size?

Answer eggs

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What kind of food has protein?

Protein is the general term for a wide variety of essential organic compounds required for cellular creation, growth and repair. Many common foods contain proteins that the body uses for these purp... Read More »

What is the protein content in dog food?

Protein is important in a dog's diet to help strengthen and build the immune system, provide adequate nourishment for growth, and supply energy. The amount of protein that a dog gets from its food ... Read More »

What is the best food for protein?

Boiled eggs are a good source of protein, and also vitamins.

What is the function of protein in food?

Protein is very important for the completion of most of our body processes. It is responsible for rebuilding, repairing and regulating the different muscles, organs, blood cells and hormones each d... Read More »