What food has nutrients?

Answer You will get nutrient in all food.

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Food Nutrients for Thinning Hair?

Numerous remedies have been offered for men with thinning hair--only a few of which actually seem to work. These include pharmaceutical drugs, toupees, surgery or a variety of creams and gels that ... Read More »

Hydroponics Plant Food Nutrients?

Plants need 16 different nutrients for healthy growth. The needs of each plant varies, depending on the plant and the phase of its life. Nutrients can be provided from natural organic fertilizers o... Read More »

What are the six major nutrients in the food pyramid?

Water, Vitamins, Minerals, Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates

How does the body use nutrients in food to control blood sugar?

Food that you eat is broken down to glucose and released in the blood stream. This increases the blood sugar level. In response to this pancreas secretes insulin which carries the glucose out of th... Read More »