What food goes best with bacon.?

Answer Eggs, of course! :0)

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What goes best with bacon and eggs?

Toast with jelly, hashbrowns, grilled tomatoes and a huge glass of ice cold milk. And a piece of home made pie for dessert. This used to be our Sunday breakfast when I was a kid. Yummy.

What food goes best with lemonade?

Other fruit, but not lemon. The lemonade will taste like the lemon you just had PLUS what it tastes like alone if that makes sense. I'd say some kind of fruit cake, maybe strawberry shortcake. If y... Read More »

What food goes with pinot grigio?

Pinot grigio is a popular white wine from northern Italy. (Pinot gris is the same wine from France.) It pairs well with fish and shellfish entrees, goat cheese, creamy soups and pasta sauces and ch... Read More »

What is a good food that goes with a 12 pack of beer?

Assuming your 12 pack is of a lager, Hot/Spicy pork rinds.